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William Robert Ethridge and Wilma Jaranigin


Husband:   William Robert Ethridge

Born: 11-May-1926
Died: 31-Jan-1973
Father: William Matterson Ethridge
Mother: Mary Esther Polston

Occupation: He worked a lttle here and there. Lived in Kansas for awhile. Three of his six children where born in kansas while living there.

Wife:   Wilma Jaranigin



Aunt Wilma

Female  Child 1:   Linda Faye Ethridge

Born: 24-Jul-1954
Spouse: David Mincks
Children: Heath Mincks



Male  Child 2:   William Lee Ethridge

Born: 16-Sep-1955
Spouse: Pauline Manning
Children: Heather Ethridge, <NoName>, <NoName>


Bill Ethridge

Female  Child 3:   Gloria Christen Ethridge

Born: 15-Aug-1957
Spouse: James Lewis
Children: Lisa Lewis, Jamie Lewis


Male  Child 4:   Wayne Ethridge

Born: 10-Jun-1961
Spouse: Mary
Children: Bridgett Ethridge


Wayne & Mary

Male  Child 5:   Timothy Dean Ethridge

Born: 1-Jul-1962
Spouse: Dianne Williams, Tina Minor
Children: Ciara Ethridge


Tim Ethridge

Female  Child 6:   Janice Ethridge

Born: 12-Aug-1963
Spouse: Calvin Burnett
Children: Carl Burnett, <NoName>, <NoName>