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             I've added a Games Page as you can see here for those of you who like to play Games.

             I'm Grayhawk and this is my page.
              Wado Silverhawk's for the Graphics.   
             Hope you like my page and enjoy what
          you might find here.
           A friend of mine Kate "Little Bird" told
             me this poem I wrote belongs to the people.
       So here it is.

Hatu Gani'Ga

 Mother Earth Father Sky

Over the land as the clouds roll by Mother Earth Father Sky.
Where have all the people gone that once loved this land
First Woman and First  Man?
This is the land as it once use to be.
Before man  destroyed it for the good of you and me.
 Tear down the building's and plant trees,
this would truly be a site to see.

Where will we go when there's no place left to die?
Save for Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Thunder is my Brother, Lightning my Spirit,
I ride the wind until the end of time.
I am your future I am your past.
Hear me and know this I am your Destiny.
Without you I am Nothing, With you I am all Things.


This is Chief Red Cloud
What he said is true.

Broken Promises

"They made us many promises,
more than I can remember.
But they kept but one-They promised
to take our land....and they took it."
Chief Red Cloud

    This was made for me By My Daughter.
 Thanks Cis.


         This was made for me by Evening Rain.
    Wado very much.


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                                                                                     We the Cherokee were at one  time a great Nation.
                                             Because of Inner Tribal, Splitting we have grown small.
                                             We are suppose to be one of  the Civilized Tribes.
                                             Is this Civilization? Then I can do with out it.
                                             Seeing all of this saddens me.
                                             I'm sure the ancestors are saddened as well.
                                             We are Suppose to be one Tribe!
                                             We have Seven Clans not Seven Tribes of the Cherokee.
                                             It's all because of Politics and inner tribal
                                             disputes. I might not be full blooded, but My heart is.

                                            "Other Web site's To Visit You'll Find Link's To My Kid's
                   Site's In Family Photos"



              A Beautiful Lady


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