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William Matterson Ethridge and Mary Esther Polston


Husband:   William Matterson Ethridge

Born: 4-Apr-1882
Died: 15-Dec-1955
Father: William Riley Ethridge
Mother: Martha  Belle Patterson
Other Spouses: Zeta
Other Children: Ward

Occupation: He was a Farmer. Married Mary Esther Polston on o1/01/1916
Died at home in Bolivar.

Wife:   Mary Esther Polston

Born: 15-Jan-1898
Died: 14-Sep-1960
Father: Abe Polston
Mother: Amanda Maliha White

Occupation: Housewife died at home in Bolivar Mo. with colon cancer.

Grandma Ethridge

Male  Child 1:   Leo  Thomas Ethridge

Born: 10-Jun-1918
Spouse: Eleanora Craft
Children: Ernest Leroy Ethridge, Floyd Ethridge, Nola Marie Ethridge, Larry Dean Ethridge, Gracie Ethridge


Female  Child 2:   Lela Kathrine Ethridge

Born: 21-Nov-1919
Spouse: Jake Smith, Eddie Barrett
Children: Bubby Smith, Ada Mary Smith

Occupation: Housewife
She was a great person and fun to be around.

Male  Child 3:   Walter Eldon Ethridge

Born: 9-Jul-1925
Died: 13-Feb-1953
Spouse: Ruby Stark
Children: Mary Elizabeth Ethridge


Male  Child 4:   William Robert Ethridge

Born: 11-May-1926
Died: 31-Jan-1973
Spouse: Wilma Jaranigin
Children: Linda Faye Ethridge, William Lee Ethridge, Gloria Christen Ethridge, Wayne Ethridge, Timothy Dean Ethridge, Janice Ethridge

Occupation: He worked a lttle here and there. Lived in Kansas for awhile. Three of his six children where born in kansas while living there.

Female  Child 5:   Marie Ethridge

Born: 11-Oct-1931
Spouse: Tom Craft
Children: Francis Craft, Mary Kay Craft, Georgie Craft, Jerry Craft, Clifford Craft, David Craft


Female  Child 6:   Rosie Esther Ethridge

Born: 16-Apr-1934
Spouse: Elmer Hamilton, Elmer George Akins, Elmer Kullman
Children: Leonard Wayne Ethridge, Karen Elizabeth Akins, Kathy Lea Akins, Elmer George Akins Jr.