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Thomas Ethridge and Elizabeth Camp


Husband:   Thomas Ethridge

Born: 1800
Died: 17-May-1844

Born in Yadkin Forks N.C. Married in Rowan county N.C. on 08/05/1824

Wife:   Elizabeth Camp

Born: 1800
Died: 4-Mar-1882
Father: Frances Asbury Kemp
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Ward

Born in Yadkin Forks N.C. 1800. Lived in Tennesse then moved to Missouri. Owned and operated a Zinc Mine in Dade county Missouri in the 1800's.

Male  Child 1:   Wiley S. Ethridge

Born: 25-Jul-1827
Died: 11-Feb-1901
Spouse: Mary Margaret Eidson
Children: Mary Emily Ethridge, Tennesse Belle Ethridge, Eliza Ellen Ethridge, Wlliam W. Ethridge, James E. Ethridge

Occupation: Born Rowen Co. N.C.
Was married twice Emily Hamby then he married to Mary Margaret Eidson.on the 12/07/1866

Wiley S. Ethridge (First_Last)
Regiment Name 15 Missouri Cavalry
Side Union 
Company  I 
Soldier's Rank_In  Pvt. 
Soldier's Rank_Out  Corp'l. 


15th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry

Organized November 1, 1863, from 7th Regiment Enrolled Militia. Attached to District of Southwest Missouri, Dept. Missouri, to April, 1865. District of North Missouri, Dept. Missouri, to July, 1865.

SERVICE.-Scout and patrol duty in District of Southwest Missouri till April, 1865, and in North Missouri till July, 1865. Actions at Mt. Vernon September 30, 1864; Moreau Bottom, Jefferson City, October 7; Booneville October 9-12; Big Blue or State Line October 22. Engagement at the Marmiton, or Battle of Charlot, October 25. Mine Creek, Little Osage River, Marias des Cygnes, October 25. Newtonia October 28. Affair near James Creek April 27, 1865 (Co. "C"). Mustered out July 1, 1865.

Female  Child 2:   Rebecca Jane Ethridge

Born: 1828
Died: Apr-1885
Spouse: John F. Hunter
Children: James M. Hunter, Robert J. Hunter, Martha A. Hunter, Albert F. Hunter

Was married to John F. Hunter on 07/04/1852 in Weakly Co. Tn.

Female  Child 3:   Mary C. Ethridge

Born: 1-Dec-1834
Died: 1903
Spouse: John R. Turner
Children: Emily E. Turner, Ual G. Turner, Oliver L. Turner

Was married to John R. Turner14/08/1854 in Weakly Co. Tn.

Female  Child 4:   Cordella Belle Ethridge

Born: 25-Dec-1835
Died: 30-Sep-1919
Spouse: Jeremiah Y. Hamby, James Stockton, John D. Hickman
Children: Amos Alonzo Hamby, Melissia C. Hamby

Was married three times: First marriage was to Jeremiah Hamby Second marriage was to James Stockton and the last marriage was to John D. Hickman

Male  Child 5:   William Riley Ethridge

Born: 1837
Died: 1902
Spouse: Martha  Belle Patterson, Florence Nina Toogood
Children: William Matterson Ethridge, Rose Ethridge, Charlotte Ethridge


Female  Child 6:   Emily E. Ethridge

Born: 1840
Died: 1876
Spouse: James Lilburn Rector
Children: Charles  Rector, Rosa Rector

Was married once to James Wilburn Rector around 1860 in Dade Co.

Male  Child 7:   Francis (Franklin) Marion Ethridge

Born: 1842
Died: 3-Jun-1880
Spouse: Nancy Caroline Brock
Children: Molly N. Etheridge

Was married once to Nancy C. Brock on 20/03/1873 in Weakly Co. Tn.

Male  Child 8:   Nelson Ethridge

Born: 1844
Died: 18-Sep-1864

Nelson Ethridge (First_Last)
Regiment Name 6 Missouri Cavalry
Side Union 
Company  L 
Soldier's Rank_In  Pvt. 
Soldier's Rank_Out  Pvt. 


6th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry

Organized February 14, 1862, by consolidation of Wright's, Wood's and Hawkins' Battalions. Attached to District of Southwest Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to July, 1862. District of Eastern Arkansas, Dept. of Missouri, to December, 1862. 1st Brigade, 3rd (Cavalry) Division, District of Eastern Arkansas, to January, 1863 (6 Companies). 1st Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, 13th Army Corps, Dept. of Tennessee, to April, 1863 (6 Companies). Headquarters 13th Army Corps, Army of the Tennessee, to August, 1863 (6 Cos.). Cavalry Brigade, 13th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to November, 1863 (6 Cos.). 3rd Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to January, 1864 (7 Cos.). 1st Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to December, 1864. District of Southern Alabama, Dept. of the Gulf, to February, 1865. Separate Brigade, District of Baton Rouge, La., Dept. of the Gulf, February, 1865 (7 Cos.). Cavalry Brigade, District of Baton Rouge, La., to July, 1865. Dept. of Texas to September, 1865. Cos. "A," "D," "E" and "L" attached to District of Southwest Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to October, 1862. 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, Army of the Frontier, Dept. of Missouri, to June, 1863. District of Southeast Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to October, 1863. District of St. Louis, Mo., Dept. of Missouri, to muster out.

SERVICE.-Curtis' Campaign in Southwest Missouri and Arkansas February-March, 1862. Marshfield, Mo., February 9. Sugar Creek, Ark., February 17. Bentonville February 17. West Plains, Mo., February 19. Keytesville February 25. Battles of Pea Ridge, Ark., March 6-8. Spring River March 13. Salem Spring River March 18 (Detachment). Scout through Gadfly, Newtonia, Granby, Neosho and Valley of Indian Creek and skirmish April 8. Scout from Batesvllle, Ark., June 16-17 (4 Cos.). White Oak Bayou, Miss., June 23 (Battalion). Near Fayetteville, Ark., July 15. Expedition to Coldwater, Miss., July 22-25 (Battalion). White Oak Bayou, Miss., July 29 (Battalion). Chariton Bridge, Mo., August 3. Montevallo August 7. Between Stockton and Humansville August 12. Stockton August 12. Neosho August 21. Hickory Grove August 23 (Co. "B"). Expedition from Clarendon, Ark., to Lawrencevllle and St. Charles September 11-13. Occupation of Newtonia, Mo., October 4 (2nd Battalion). Expedition from Helena, Ark., to Grenada, Miss., November 27-December 5. Oakland, Miss., December 3. Cane Hill, Boston Mountains, Ark. (2nd Battalion). Battle of Prairie Grove, Ark., December 7 (2nd Battalion). Near Helena, Ark., December 14 (Co. "E"). Sherman's Yazoo Expedition December 20, 1862-January 3, 1863. Expedition from Milliken's Bend to Dallas Station and Delhi December 25-26, 1862. Expedition over Boston Mountains to Van Buren, Ark., December 27-29 (2nd Battalion). Reconnoissance toward White River and St. Charles January 13, 1863 (Squadron). Carthage January 23, 1863. Expedition from Young's Point, La., to Greenville, Miss., and Cypress Bend, Ark., February 14-29. Cypress Bend, Ark., February 19 (Detachment). Fish Lake, near Greenville, Miss., and Deer Creek, near Greenville, February 23 (Detachment). Operations from Milliken's Bend, La., to New Carthage March 31-April 17 (1st Battalion). Near Dunbar's Plantation, Bayou Vidal, April 7 (Detachment). Movement on Bruinsburg and turning Grand Gulf April 25-30. Port Gibson May 1. Near Black River May 5. Raid on New Orleans & Jackson Railroad, near Crystal Springs, May 11. Jackson May 14. Champion's Hill May 16. Near Bridgeport May 17. Siege of Vicksburg May 18-July 4. Assaults on Vicksburg May 19 and 22. Mason's Ford, Big Black River, June 9. Advance on Jackson, Miss., July 4-10. Near Baker's Creek July 7. Bolton's Station July 8 (Detachment). Near Clinton July 8 (Detachment). Near Jackson and near Clinton July 9 (Detachment). Siege of Jackson July 10-17. Brookhaven July 18 (Detachment). Moved to the Dept. of the Gulf August. Near Morganza, La., September 8. Atchafalaya September 8-9. Hornersville, Mo., September 20 (2nd Battalion). Sterling's Farm, on Bayou Fordoche, near Morganza, September 27. Western Louisiana Campaign October 3-November 30. Reconnoissance toward Opelousas October 20. Opelousas, Barre Landing, October 21. Washington October 24. Bayou Bourbeaux November 2. Carrion Crow Bayou November 18. Bayou Portage, Grand Lake, November 23. Attack on Bloomfield, Mo., and pursuit to Brown's Ferry November 29-30 (2nd Battalion). Near Vermillionville, La., November 30. Branchville, Ark., January 17, 1864 (Detachment). Branchville, Ivey's Ford, Pine Bluff, January 19 (Detachment). Red River Campaign March 10-May 22. Advance from Franklin to Alexandria March 14-26. Bayou Rapides March 20. Henderson's Hill March 21. Monett's Ferry and Cloutiersville March 29-30. Natchitoches March 31. Crump's Hill, Piney Woods, April 2. Wilson's Farm April 7. Bayou de Paul, Carroll's Mill, April 8. Battle of Sabine Cross Roads April 8. Pleasant Hill April 9. About Cloutiersville April 22-24. Bayou Rapides Bridge and McNutt's Hill, Alexandria, April 27-28. Scout from Pilot Knob, Mo., to Gainesville, Ark., May 10-25 (2nd Battalion). Retreat to Morganza April 13-20. Wilson's Landing May 14. Avoyelle's (or Marksville Prairie) May 15. Old River L May 22. Operations in Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas July 18-August 6 (2nd Battalion). Mazzard's Prairie, Ark., July 27. Osceola August 2 and 4. Elkchute August 4. Bayou Letsworth August 11. Operations in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas August 15-24 (2nd Battalion). Richland Creek Ark., August 16 (Detachment). Expedition to Clinton, La., August 23-29. Olive Branch, Comite River and Clinton August 25. Near Richwood's, Mo., October 4 (Detachment). Tyler's Mills October 7 (2nd Battalion). Expedition from Baton Rouge to Clinton, Greensburg, Osyke and Camp Moore October 5-9. Expedition from Baton Rouge to Brookhaven, Miss., and skirmishes November 14-21. Davidson's Expedition from Baton Rouge against Mobile & Ohio Railroad November 27-December 3. Expedition from Baton Rouge to Clinton and Comite River March 30-April 2, 1865. Duty in District of Baton Rouge, La., till July and the Dept. of Texas till September. Mustered out September 12, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 2 Officers and 34 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 6 Officers and 273 Enlisted men by disease. Total 315.