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Konrad   Ludwig Abel and Eva    Regina Boson


Husband:   Konrad   Ludwig Abel



Wife:   Eva    Regina Boson

Father: Jacob   Gli Boson
Mother: Eva    Regina Unknown


Male  Child 1:   Lewis   Henry Abel

Spouse: Elizabeth   Wampler
Children: John  David  Abel

Lewis Henry Abel

German. Apparently Americanized name from Ludwig Heinrich Abel to Lewis Henry Abel.

Notes by Ruby Lee Roles-May dated 6-28-1998:

By 1773 my Ludwig/Lewis Heinrich/Henry Abel was in Fincastle (now Wythe County, Virginia) He apparently took over 249 acres of land from the "Loyal Company", either by being a squatter, or through purchase. (A value of three pounds/100 Acres had been placed on the Company's land by the courts.) This land became a part of Montgomery County and later Wythe County, Virginia. It is located on the South Fork of the Holston River joining Iron Mountain. Later, in 1783, Lewis purchased 225 Acres of Reed Creek.

Lewis is next listed as "Louis Abell", a private in the Company of Captain Bosseron's Volunteers dated October 27, 1778, to December 17, 1779, and endorsed by General George Rogers Clark. Lewis paid taxes in Montgomery County in 1782.

Lewis was married to Elizabeth Wampler about 1774 although no records of their marriage have been found. The family belonged to the Kimberling Church at Black Lick where they lived. Lewis died intestate in 1801. His estate was placed in inventory and the list of his possessions evaluated. From these court proceedings, much about Lewis and his children is given. The administrators of his estate decided to divide his land into equal portions and to have each heir draw lots for their share. This is a rather novel way of bringing about a settlement.
It is believed that the parents of Ludwig/Lewis Heinrich/Henry Abel are Konrad Ludwig and Eva Regina Boson Abel. Konrad and Eva Regina were both born in Wurttemberg, Germany. The Parish Record of Wurttemberg indicate that Konrad was born about 1730, and Eva Regina, the daughter of Jacob Gil and Eva Regina Boson, on March 5, 1730. They married January 3, 1749.

Konrad was a "Dyer" by trade and was naturalized Sept. 8, 1764 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

One day after the death of the twin children, Eva Regina the mother also died. Family legend is that shortly after in 1759, Konrad and the surviving children came to Philadelphia, Pa. No ship's record of arrival yet found. Nothing further is known of this family except for Lewis, our ancestor.