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Pyramid Solitaire Instructions

Version 1.00 (Mar 16 2000) Copyright © 2000 Andrew Pipkin

JSolitaire home page:


Note: Due to an inconsistency in the way Java 1.0 handles overlapping, some older browsers might display the pyramid incorrectly. If the bottom halves of the cards are visible with only the top card seen in its entirety, click on the Options button, then click the checkbox labeled reverse layering and then click OK to layer the cards in the pyramid correctly.

The goal of Pyramid solitaire is to eliminate the entire deck by finding pairs of cards which total thirteen (Kings are eliminated singly). At the start of the game, only the cards in bottom row of the pyramid are available. The other rows in the pyramid become accessible as the cards below them are removed. The cards which are not in the pyramid are cycled throught one at a time.


There are three areas of the screen:

Game Play

The following actions represent valid moves:
  1. Clicking on a king (rank == 13) will move it to the discard pile.

  2. To remove a pair of cards whose rank totals 13, click on the first card, then the second card and both cards will be moved to the discard pile. (Jacks have a rank of 11, Queens 12).

  3. Rightclicking anywhere on the screen or clicking twice on the stock will move the card currently on top of the stock to the waste pile. If the stock is empty, the cards in the waste pile will be transferred to the stock and another pass through the cards will be made if a redeal is available.


    Clicking on these buttons will perform the following actions:
    New Game
    Begin a new game after shuffling the deck
    Return to the original state of the current game
    Return to the condition before the previous move was made
    Bring up a window with the following options:
    Number of Redeals
    This option determines the number of times the cards outside the pyramid and discard pile can be cycled through after the intial pass. A redeal occurs when the stock is empty and all the cards in the waste pile are moved to the stock, beginning another pass through the cards. The default is no redeals.
    Reverse Layering
    This checkbox does not affect gameplay but is used to fix a problem which might be encountered in older browsers as explained in the note above. This option should not be set if the pyramid is displayed properly.


    Version 1.0 (2000/03/17)
    First public release