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Common Options

The following options are found in most games.

Seed #:
If the Seed # checkbox has been set, the number next to the checkbox is used as the seed for the random number generator which determines how the cards are shuffled before the start of a game. A random number will be used as the seed (the identity of which will be grayed out in the text entry field) if the checkbox is not set. Games which use the same seed should begin with the same layout of cards (I cannot guarantee this for all platforms).
Display Timer
If this checkbox is set, the timer will be displayed in the status line at the bottom of the browser window.

The following options are found in some games.

Automatic card moving
If this option is set, cards will be automatically removed from the building stacks (and moved to the suit or discard stack) if there are no other cards that can be placed on them.
Starting rank
This option sets the rank of the cards at the tops of the suit stacks at the start of the game. A new game must be started for this option to take effect. Increasing this value will result in an easier game.
Empty spaces accept
This option determines what cards empty building stacks accept.


New Game
Begin a new game after shuffling the deck. The random seed used to shuffle the cards before the game starts is determined by the Seed # option (see above).
Return to the original state of the current game
Return to the condition before the previous move was made
Return to condition before the previous undo. (This button is disabled if the last move was not an undo.)
Bring up the options dialog box.